Action Alerts


Bring the 10 day Voter Registration Deadline Bill to the Floor (A8858)  (6/3/2022)

Call Speaker Carl Heastie and bill sponsor Assemblymember Robert Carroll and urge them to bring S2951/A8858 to the floor today!

City Redistricting Working Group to Host Virtual Public Input Session (3/29/2022)

The City Redistricting Working Group will be hosting a virtual public input session on Tuesday, March 29 from 5:30- 7:30 pm. This meeting will be conducted via Zoom, and the public is invited to register to speak at the public information session, or to submit their comments. This meeting will be streamed live to the City’s YouTube channel, and archived for future viewing.

The proposed new map and plan are available to the public on the city’s website. The accompanying narrative sets forth the statutory requirements employed by the Working Group in developing the new map. The Redistricting Working Group has worked to find the best possible balance among the factors that must be considered in developing a new redistricting proposal for the City of Ithaca.  

Based on the comments received at the public meeting the Working Group will meet again on April 5 to determine whatever modifications may be necessary and to decide on a plan to be submitted to Common Council as soon as possible thereafter.  

The City of Ithaca 2022 Redistricting Working Group is composed of one member from each of the City’s five election wards. This group is responsible for proposing new election ward configurations based on the 2020 U.S. Census data to ensure equal representation for all city residents. The Working Group will present their final recommendations to Common Council for consideration and approval later this Spring. Please see the Redistricting Working Group page on the city’s website for more details.

NYS Statement on Failure of Independent Redistricting Commission 1/25/2022

Auction Cancelled for Largest Remaining Private Shoreline in Finger Lakes

Local Community Choice Aggregation

Add the ERA to the Constitution
League of Women Voters Calls for Washington D.C. to become the 51st State of Our Union