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Where the League of Women Voters of Tompkins County Stands

Where We Stand incorporates positions reached and actions taken by the League and serves as a foundation for the League's program implementation.

Legislative Action 2018 http://www.lwvny.org/

Impact on Issues: Guide to Public Policy Positions (National)
Impact on Issues: Summary of LWVNYS Public Policy Positions
LWV US Public Policy Positions
LWV NYS Summary of Public Policy Positions

LWVNYS Legislative Agenda
* Election Law Reform
* Healthcare
* Good Government Reform
* Natural Resources
* Judicial Issues
* State Finances and Education
* Social Welfare
* Women's Issues
* Transportation
For more information: http://www.lwvny.org/advocacy/2017/LegAgenda_2017.pdf

Impact on Issues LWVNYS is a guide for League leaders on the LWVNYS public policy positions. Every two years, local Leagues participate in the LWVNYS program planning process by reviewing existing positions and making recommendations for the future. Member agreement on issues (consensus or concurrence) follows in depth study and is developed into the formal positions presented in this publication. These positions are the basis for action.) http://www.lwvny.org/advocacy/impact/2016/Complete-Impact-on-Issues-2016.pdf

Overview of Advocacy Areas League Positions and history of League's positions

Clearinghouse.lwv.org https://sites.google.com/a/leagueofwomenvoters.org/clearinghouse/ League studies from across the country (800 national, state, and local League documents). Find League policy, action issues very quickly!